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International Union of Crystallography

Commission for Powder Diffraction

Rietveld and Related Software

The IUCr-CPD Homepage is at http://www.iucr.org/iucr-top/comm/cpd/

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For mirrors and more comprehnsive lists of available software, refer to the CCP14 (Collaborative Computational Project Number 14 for Single Crystal and Powder Diffraction) website and IUCr Sincris Software database for crystallography.


Rietveld Programs

Software using LeBail Method Intensity Extraction

Software using Pawley Method Intensity Extraction

Structure Solution

Powder Data Interconversion

Peak Finding/Peak Profiling


  • CMPR for Windows and UNIX - can create Crysfire files and links to Dicvol and Treor
  • CRYSFIRE for DOS (works under Windows) - Integrating various indexing programs: ito, Dicvol, Treor, Taup, Lzon, Losh, Fjzn and Kohl; has rescaling and summary filing of solutions.
  • Chekcell Windows) - Graphical Powder indexing helper tool that interlinks into Crysfire. Knows about Spacegroups, has GUI Cell Transformation, Includes Le Page, Truecell and "Best Cell" cell selection based on parsimony of reflections.
  • EFlech/INDEX - Automatic Fundamental Parameters peak Finding/Profiling/Indexing from Joerg Bergmann
  • Powder/TAUP - Optimised for high Symmetry Cells
  • Powder v2.00 for Windows - Data manipulation, peak find, data evaluation. Interface for : - Dicvol (D. Lour) - Ito (Jan Visser) - Treor (Per-Eric Werner)
  • PowderX for Windows - Data manipulation, peak find, data evaluation. Has: - an integrated Treor90 (Per-Eric Werner) for Windows - an integrated DHKL for Windows
  • Treor, Dicvol, Ito - via Armel LeBail's site, Win95 Versions under What's New - with source code.
  • WinPlotR/WinDicvol/Fullprof which also comes with the latest Fullprof comes with WinDICVOL, WinTREOR and SUPERCELL.

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Please feel free to email any queries to: Paolo.Scardi@ing.unitn.it