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SInCris Editor

The SInCris project

SInCris was originally the National Server for Crystallography in France. It is a project funded jointly by the Ministery of Higher Education and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (C.N.R.S.). It collects information about the laboratories working in the field of cristallography, condensed matter... or using crystallographic methods.

SINCRIS is part of an international project with the International Union of Cristallography to give access to the Community to all relevant information. The different sections are split among the Editors, for the moment the IUCr main office (UK), Crystallography World Wide (Switzerland) and SInCris (France). Crystallography, manages the distribution list of the IUCr...

SINCRIS wants to:

SINCRIS has the support from the French Crystallographic Association and a group of french scientists from various laboratories.

This service is made available through a grant from CNRS and Ministère de l'Education Nationale (France) and the support of the Laboratoire de Minéralogie-Cristallographie de Paris (LMCP).

The editors

Please send your comments and your suggestions to Yves Epelboin, epelboin@lmcp.jussieu.fr .


The reference URL of SInCris is http://www.iucr.org/sincris-top/index.html.

SInCris is available from the source site
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